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aaaaand, we're back!

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Sep. 9th, 2014 | 02:13 pm

Apologies for going quiet for the past few weeks. I needed to pause for a moment or two in order to pack, move, start a new teaching position, prep classes for the fall semester... all the fun stuff that happens in August. :)

I'm going to jump back into posting excerpts from the project website now. We're about halfway through the overall website. As in the past, these posts will be made on Tumblr, Twitter, LiveJournal, and Dreamwidth. Please feel free to comment, reblog, and share in any of those spaces.

Also, this would be a great time to ask you if you'd like to ask some questions too! Are there any issues related to the Fandom Then/Now project that you are curious about? Anything you would like to hear from other fan fiction readers/writers about?

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